why does it always take so long to make a new post
(i.e. first two posts were in October, third was in December and now February
is it going to be April when I post the next one)

my scanner somehow doesn’t work, so I have to take a picture with my camera and fix the picture


finally an update -slaps forehead-


promised a friend I’d draw him (and a few others – but they don’t have full-body references)
dammit this looks like fanservice and I forgot his headband.

tried new shading style which is courtesy to raemz

my favourite characters from the whole pokemon franchise

shinji to silver to n

I really need to finish colouring this thing * o *

lol lame blog name – well, it’s Tachibana Azumi after all >3<

this is for the art/drawings that I don’t upload on dA, so it may be in any form – photos of my drawings, scanned pictures (at least, unless I fix the scanner), or even digital pieces that I don’t care to finish
kinda like 1-kilometer/raemz I think

the probability of me using this blog regularly is low to none, so I probably should update more so that it becomes a habit C:
(dA/life-related things go to dA’s journals btw)

well, that’s it for now.

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