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2 consecutive posts on two days
omg is this one of my weird dreams again O_O //slaps self

(warning: half-assed background, proceed with caution)

this is Amber’s bff, Wanda, one of the supporting characters.
somehow, she is a miko as a part-time hobby/job, and her main weapon is a bow and arrow – Inuyasha much -3- (note: I only realised this as I was sketching this so this is just a coincedence)


my main character OC, Amber (finally finalised the colours for her – I didn’t know what her hair really was until now)
she is an electric magic user

tried a new shading method, but in the end spammed the blur tool ;;

I recently started 100TC for practise.
the first entry is Beginnings, and the next two are “Middles” and “Ends”. because there are themes like Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall or Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years I would sometimes put them all together as a sequence.

I’ll add shading later. and the lineart’s lazily done. sigh

idk which category to put this in. 😛

this is my avatar for facebook and dA
I’m done with the shameless advertising… /leaves

why does it always take so long to make a new post
(i.e. first two posts were in October, third was in December and now February
is it going to be April when I post the next one)

my scanner somehow doesn’t work, so I have to take a picture with my camera and fix the picture

finally an update -slaps forehead-


promised a friend I’d draw him (and a few others – but they don’t have full-body references)
dammit this looks like fanservice and I forgot his headband.

tried new shading style which is courtesy to raemz

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Aspiring manga artist.

Fandoms I Like:
Pokemon, Digimon, TTGL, K-On!, Haruhi, Shaman King, Ace Attorney, etc etc.

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