teddie from persona 4
the anime is pretty close isn’t it : )


…as I post this /lame

Naoya and MC, former going to work, latter going to school

(you basically name him anything you like, it’s just Suzuki Hiroki to me lol)

I wanted to remain faithful to the original style of Devil Survivor while incorporating my own style.
(the bg was originally going to be checkers but I gave up and it became stripes instead)

2 consecutive posts on two days
omg is this one of my weird dreams again O_O //slaps self

(warning: half-assed background, proceed with caution)

this is Amber’s bff, Wanda, one of the supporting characters.
somehow, she is a miko as a part-time hobby/job, and her main weapon is a bow and arrow – Inuyasha much -3- (note: I only realised this as I was sketching this so this is just a coincedence)

my main character OC, Amber (finally finalised the colours for her – I didn’t know what her hair really was until now)
she is an electric magic user

tried a new shading method, but in the end spammed the blur tool ;;

I get very sick in the stomach whenever I take in coffee-related things

Actually I wanted to draw a sundae as well, but I didn’t have any reference when I drew this at school
Maybe later :/

apparently this email came into our E-class intranet inboxes
…this is pretty amusing/embarassing to be honest, although this means we got hacked :\

basically I told you which school I’m in, but I don’t really mind

something I did for fun today.
base from the first screen you see in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTcZJdunaEE

these two are my OCs from my story – Adrian (left) and Rhys (right)
Rhys is The Stoic and Adrian is… how to describe him. he’s basically kind of crazy (in a dark way) and angsty and negative – justified because he has shadow/dark powers

okay I’m tired //lurks off

I recently started 100TC for practise.
the first entry is Beginnings, and the next two are “Middles” and “Ends”. because there are themes like Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall or Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years I would sometimes put them all together as a sequence.

I’ll add shading later. and the lineart’s lazily done. sigh

idk which category to put this in. 😛

this is my avatar for facebook and dA
I’m done with the shameless advertising… /leaves

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